Hammersmith Pre-School

Sports Day at Hammersmith Pre-School

On Saturday 18th June Our Hammersmith Pre-school celebrated sports day! They met the Willows Hammersmith family at a local park to participate in a range of age-appropriate sporting activities; from balancing and running to throwing games and obstacle races. The parents were also invited to
join in with a parent race! We started our event with the babies’ races. They played a game where they had to find their shoes in a ball pit! They also practiced crawling through a tunnel and finding their parents at the other end. The toddlers played some balancing games such as balancing a beanbag on their heads and making their way to the finish line, carrying a ball to the finish line, and throwing it into a box and an egg and spoon race. The preschoolers did some more traditional sports day races: egg and spoon, three-legged race, sack race and a tug of war. Parents were invited to join in a tug of war competition: Mums Vs. Dads and took it very seriously. They were so competitive they broke the rope! The dads went flying across the green and the mums were victorious! Overall, the morning was a huge success! Our event ended with handing out medals to all the children for their efforts during the activities and thanking everyone for their attendance and participation. With a large turnout and glorious weather, the Willows Hammersmith family stayed afterwards to enjoy a group picnic together, sharing healthy snacks and wonderful conversations and spending some quality time together outside of the setting. The staff and families all had a whale of a time, and we cannot wait for our next whole-school event to take place!

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