Willows Pre-School Hammersmith

Owls and Squirrels Day Out – Hammersmith

On Tuesday Owls and Squirrels visited Hammersmith fire station! They got to sit inside the truck, see the blue lights flash and see all of the cool gadgets the truck has! They also took a trip to Hammersmith Library to find books about emergency services to reinforce all they had learnt at the fire station. The squirrels and Owls group went on a trip to Hayling Island Beach! They enjoyed a picnic on the beach and played some games as well as dipped their toes into the icy sea! 

The Badgers and Otters loved to learn about Firefighters and Fire engines and all the important things they do and help us with when we need them! They painted big cardboard boxes to make fire engines for their role-play, paper plates to make firemen helmets and also enjoyed sticking red, orange and yellow tissue paper to create fire and also to develop their hand’s eye coordination and concentration. 

They had red and yellow rice in their messy trays with small world people and different vehicles to create scenarios and improve their imagination and creativity. The children got involved in climbing and jumping in our garden and had fun pretending to be firefighters with spray bottles putting out pretend fire.

The Hedgehogs have been exploring activities to strengthen their small finger muscles. They have been using crayons, threading spaghetti through the colanders and playing in the sensory tray. The children have enjoyed outdoor learning in the beautiful weather we have had in the past week. 

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