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We have a small number of places for the age group 1-2 years. However, because off the high teacher to child ratio (1:3) this places are offered only for 5 days a week

In 2009, Wimbledon Nursery and Preschool was where it all began. The founders Kevin and Galyna searched for a nursery for their daughter, but in those days, early years was thought of as a childcare drop-off centre. They wanted to do much more and believed that early years was a crucial time for children to learn, grow and develop. They understood the importance of providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for children to thrive in. Fast forward to today and Wimbledon has become a leading provider of early years education. We are proud to have helped many children get the best start in life, believing that every child is special and deserves the very best care and education.

The WillowsWay is an organic approach to early years education, responding to and incorporating the very latest evidence based  advances that is born out of a love for early childhood education and a desire to create an environment where children could flourish. One reason our Wimbledon nursery and preschool quickly earned reputation from Parents for excellence, was the unprecedented success in Willows children passing the entrance assessment into many of the local world class schools. We believe that every child is unique and deserves to be respected as an individual. We believe that every child is unique and deserves to be respected as an individual. We provide a warm, nurturing environment where children feel safe to explore, learn, and grow. We are committed to supporting each child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Our highly qualified staff provides individualised attention and care to ensure that each child reaches his or her full potential. We are proud to be a part of the WillowsWay family and look forward to continuing to provide outstanding care and education for years to come.

This year (2022) was not only our most successful year in our children leaving us for their school of choice, but our Head Chef Beverley also led Willows to become the first setting in the country to achieve Early Years Nutrition Partnership ADVANCED certification and this year we remain one of only two settings in London to be awarded the SPECIALIST certification for our delivery of nutritionally exceptional meals.

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Nursery locations don’t get much better than ours at Wimbledon! We’re situated right in the grounds of Wilton Tennis Club, so the children have plenty of space to explore. And our open plan layout encourages free-flow access and mixing of all ages of children. Plus, we’re just a five-minute walk away from the Wimbledon train, tube, and tram station. So, whether you’re dropping off or picking up, it couldn’t be easier.

We are open Monday - Friday | 07:30am - 18:00pm
Tel: (+44) 020 8540 2388
Email: office@willowspreschool.org.uk
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Meet the Willows Wimbledon Team

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A bespoke tailored curriculum that surpasses approved learning outcomes , high teacher/child ratio that enables individual care and attention and the support of a personal key worker. Enjoyable cameraderie with other children and adults within the Willows ethos.

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We at Willows focus very carefully on the child’s experience. We have a variety of enabling environments that challenge each child. By recognising that every child is unique we observe each child and provide a bespoke and fun learning environment to stretch and prepare them for school.

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We focus very carefully on the child’s experience. We have variety of enabling environments that challenge each child.

The success of Willows can be attributed to its unique approach to early years education. Founding director, Galyna Kurylo, was driven by the belief that all children have the right to a high-quality education. This led her to create the Willows Way, a new approach to early years education that focuses on play-based learning. The Willows Way has been incredibly successful in helping children to develop the skills they need to succeed in school and in life. As a result, Willows has become one of the most sought-after pre-schools in the SW19 area.

Let the evidence speak for itself. Southwest London has some of the most highly regarded schools in the world and entry is highly competitive. We have a proven track record of helping children enter these schools. Our experienced and qualified teachers work hard to ensure that all of your children receive the same high-quality education, regardless of their background or ability. We are proud to say that we have helped some 12% of girls in Wimbledon High Junior School gain entry into this prestigious school. This is a testament to our success as a school, and proof that we are providing our children with the best possible education. This year 2022 was our best ever!

As educators, we love to use big words to describe simple concepts. For example, we talk about “cognitive reciprocity” when we simply mean two people talking to each other. We call it “sustained shared thinking” when we mean having an extended conversation. And we refer to “serve and return” when we mean taking turns in a conversation.

We call it Quality Conversation.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with using specialized language to describe complex ideas. But sometimes we use jargon simply because it sounds impressive. In the case of conversation, we should remember that quality conversation doesn’t require special terms or phrases. It can be as simple as two people talking and listening to each other. So let’s keep it simple and just call it what it is.

Parents, we cannot emphasise enough how important quality conversation is for your child’s development. Every interaction is an opportunity. That means that even seemingly mundane activities like getting dressed, preparing dinner, shopping, and walking in the park are all chances to have a meaningful dialogue with your little one. So make the most of every moment, and encourage your child to express themselves freely. Who knows, you might just learn something new along the way.

Look through our website, you will agree that Willows will give your child the best chance of becoming the best version of themselves.

Wimbledon Fees

We endeavor to keep our fees as competitive as possible without compromising our standards of high quality education. Put simply, we continuously invest in infrastructure and people. It has been shown repeatedly that the early years are the most important for laying the foundations for a life long journey of learning. Monthly Fees (displayed below) are reviewed annually and at least one months notice is given indicating any change.

  • The Willows pre-school is registered to apply for the Nursery Education Grant. This is automatically applied for the term after a child turns 3 years old.

  • This is collected on the parents behalf and paid into their accounts. Please note that Merton do not pay the grant in full until the last two weeks of term.

  • There is a non-refundable registration and administration fee of £100.00.

  • A deposit of £400.00 is payable on confirmation of a place. This is refunded to parents 6-8 weeks after the last month of attendance subject to all liabilities to Willows being paid in full.

We accept vouchers from a variety of providers and are able to set up new instructions with new providers. Please ask for details.

Notice of removal – Two full months notice is required, in writing, of the intention to remove a child from the Willows pre-school. If a child is withdrawn or, if a place is not taken up without giving the required notice, a months fee will be charged.

Full Fee

3 Day

4 Day

5 Day

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