Willows Pre-School/Nursery Wimbledon Sports Day

Sports Day at Wimbledon Pre-School

On Saturday 25th June Our Willows Wimbledon children celebrated sports day!

Wimbledon Willows Preschool’s Team met with the Willows families at Dundonald Park to participate in a range of age-appropriate sporting activities from balancing & running to obstacle races, squeezing & throwing games.

We started the event with the children’s races, followed by the obstacle races.

The children played a relay race game where they had to run, squeeze sponges to fill up a container, throw beanbags in a circle and run back to the start.
They also played in an obstacles kicking-balls race. Children were helped by their parents and their teachers; the engagement was extraordinary, and children, parents and teachers all visibly enjoyed the planned activities.

The parents were also invited to join in with a parent race: Daddies versus Mummies!

The competition was high but the Mummies raised to victory and we all congratulated them and laughed together! Before the parents’ race started, everybody was invited to have some refreshments and beverages. We placed a gazebo with tables full of fresh fruits, homemade lemonade, cookies, and muffins that our children made especially for the occasion.

This has been the first time that Willows Preschool Wimbledon had a sports day at the Park and it was a big success!!!

It was a very nice day for everyone, there was electric joy in the hair, our children were running and playing together all around their parents, and teachers guided them in their games their giggles and laughs filling the air. Parents were engaged and very excited and they were congratulating us on the amazing event that it was!

Sports Day was also the perfect opportunity for parents to get to know more about our fantastic teachers and other parents outside of the setting. We are happy and grateful for the good experience and we should all be proud of ourselves for such an enjoyable and successful day!

We are all looking forward to the next event!

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