Educational philosophies such as Froebel, Vygotsky, Montessori, Steiner, and Reggio Emilia have a lot to offer the world of pre-school education. We at Willows Pre-School believe that we can take the best ideas from all of these approaches and create an even better learning environment for our children. We are passionate about education and we firmly believe that children are interested in things worth knowing about. We also believe that parents are an essential part of the educational team and we work closely with them to help foster a love of learning in their children. Willows Pre-School offers a fun, safe learning atmosphere where curiosity, independent thinking, and resilience flourish. We think that education is so much more than simply the subjects we study in school. It’s about gaining a set of mental techniques that will serve us well throughout our lives, such as curiosity, independence, perseverance, individuality, and balance. We have three locations across London.